Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Filipino’s Favorite Past Time – VIDEOKE

Filipino’s are known as “music lovers”. Music like POP, RNB, Alternative, Novelty Songs and music from all genres name it Filipinos can sing. And one of the means where they could express their love for music is through Karaoke (nowadays Videoke).

The word "karaoke" comes from joining two Japanese words: ' Kara'(empty) and 'Okie' (short for orchestra). “Empty” because the voice of the original singer is removed and only the songs music is played. It is like listening to an orchestra. But unlike Orchestra, in karaoke people from all walks of life can sing with this music through microphone following the words displayed on a screen or in a lyric book. Originally, karaoke was invented by a Japanese named Daisuke InoueKobe, Japan. After becoming popular in Japan, karaoke spread to East and Southeast Asia in during the 1980s and subsequently to other parts of the world in its modern state. But did you know that a Filipino named Roberto del Rosario, a Filipino inventor who called his sing-along system "Minus-One", now holds the copyrights for the device now commonly known as the "karaoke machine". This is because Inoue never bothered to copyrights his invention and after a decade of court battle with a Japanese company which claimed to have invented the system, del Rosario's copyrights were issued in 1983 and 1986. Knowing this, no wonder why karaoke is one of Filipino’s favorite forms of entertainment and relaxation.

Filipino’s young and old alike, professional singers or not, has a golden voice or trying hard, whenever they have the time they spend some hours just to have videoke with friends and colleagues. They could go to videoke bars, or just plug and play their DVD’s with their favorite songs at their very own house. Not only this because of the technology advancement you could also have videoke through internet, cell phone and even in your car.

During celebration, having videoke is now a tradition for many Filipinos may it be a birthday party, fiesta, Christmas celebration and so forth. Filipinos are indeed not only a music lover but music is part of their life


cpsanti said...

love love karaoke ;-) its still my favorite past-time in tokyo ;-)

missgiftsphilipines said...

who doesnt like karaoke? or should i say, videoke. its everybody's past time. i think. :)